Fishing all nighter


So, this new angler still hasn’t caught a fish and is starting to get frustrated. I love being out in nature and Im actually enjoying myself on the river, which is great. I don’t have high expectations, but damnit, one fish, that would be nice. Last night I headed down to the Deerfield at dusk, […]

Fishing the Deerfield


Finally got my buddy out here to go fishing. We headed directly to the Deerfield river and fished for a few hours, catching nothing. It was a beautiful morning and we only saw a couple other anglers, who proceeded to stomp into the river and catch a fish on the first cast. Spent the afternoon […]

Scouting the Deerfield


Started scouting out the Deerfield river. Ive been reading up on places to fish along the river and on recent trips out east I drove around and stopped a couple places.  Found this map at one location. It was the most helpful thing Ive found so far. Shows me catch-and-release areas and picnic spots. Also […]

The Hoosac

Beginning as close as I can to home begins the life of a new tenkara angler. The Hossac river is very close to my house and so with my new Tenkara Rod Co. rod in hand, some line, and a fly, I headed off to find a place with enough open space for me to […]