Batavus HS 50

Batavus HS 50

My Batavus HS 50 is great, except for the damn wheels. They are an off size and the bearings fell out and fixing it has not been easy. Currently just sitting around till I fix it.

Fishing all nighter


So, this new angler still hasn’t caught a fish and is starting to get frustrated. I love being out in nature and Im actually enjoying myself on the river, which is great. I don’t have high expectations, but damnit, one fish, that would be nice. Last night I headed down to the Deerfield at dusk, […]

Fishing the Deerfield


Finally got my buddy out here to go fishing. We headed directly to the Deerfield river and fished for a few hours, catching nothing. It was a beautiful morning and we only saw a couple other anglers, who proceeded to stomp into the river and catch a fish on the first cast. Spent the afternoon […]